Welcome to Iowa deer hunts, Iowa deer leases, and the world of big buck hunting in Allamakee County in Northeast Iowa. Allamakee County is the number one county in the state of Iowa for high scoring whitetail bucks! With a quality deer management program in place for many years, this hunt is geared for someone looking for a chance at a true giant of a deer...160 to 180 inches!


Previously operated by Randy Huffey, Iowa Trophy Whitetail Outfitters and later as Wildlife Management Partners. We hope to continue Randy's legacy and vision as we work to improve your hunting experience! We are excited and honored to manage such a beautiful northeast Iowa hunting property. 

Over 1500 acres to hunt Iowa whitetails and neighbors who understand quality deer management!


Call for prices!


1500 Acres in Allamakee! Book a hunt today!

  • With the objective of providing every individual a great opportunity to harvest a great deer, following are the
    regulations that we will be following:
    1. Archery, shotgun and muzzle-loader hunts are available. Pricing and dates for those hunts are listed accordingly.
    2. These are “sit in stand or blind” hunts only. No stalking or driving of game allowed. Blinds and stands are strategically positioned to get the deer in front of you! Hunt manager will select the stand you hunt from and hunters will be expected to hunt there unless manager moves them. The selections will be based on the best chance to put you in front of a big whitetail buck!
    3. The farms will be hunted on a “4 day on, 4 day off” basis in order to optimize the opportunities at a giant!
    4. A maximum of 10 hunters at one time. Groups of 4 or more will not hunt any property with anyone
    except their group members.
    5. Hunt bookings will require 25% to book and hold, 25% upon tag draw. 50% within 30 days of arrival for all nonresidents, 50% to book, 50% within 30 days of arrival for all residents. Upon receipt of your down payment, you will be booked.
    6. Independent taxidermist and locker/butcher service is available.
    7. For nonresidents drawing an any sex tag, you will automatically receive a doe tag with that. We ask that you fill that tag as we are in need of some doe removal at this time. You can donate that animal if you do not wish to have it butchered.
    8. Wound policy – should you wound a buck and not be able to recover him with help, your buck hunt will be stopped. All efforts will be made to recover your animal, but the final call will be that of the hunt manager.
    9. All hunters will be required to sign and return the “Hunters Waiver” before they'll be allowed to hunt.
    10. A list of nearby housing will be provided upon booking. We hope to provide on-site housing in the near future!
    11. Tipping: Our hunt manager works very hard while you're here and all year around to bring a great experience to you. We would appreciate you tipping him accordingly. Suggestion: 10% of your
    hunting fee. Thank you!




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